Queens js

Title: Oh snap! Gaining Leverage over Legacy Apps with Snapshot Testing

Date: 7/6/2017

PHP UK conference

Title: HHVM at Etsy: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Date: 2/20/14

Abstract: In 2014 Etsy’s infrastructure group was handed a challenge: scale Etsy’s API cluster 20x. Many efforts were simultaneously undertaken to meet this challenge, including a migration to HHVM after it showed a promising 5x increase in throughput. While getting our code to run on HHVM was easy, working through the deployment and operationalization proved to be a more difficult challenge.

Follow up blog post can be found on the Code as Craft blog.

Marist college computer society speaker series

Title: strace(1) all the things

Date: 11/12/14

Abstract: Let's explore how I've used strace(1) to help makes sense of a program I know almost nothing about.


Converge Conference

Title: "API First" Development

Abstract: In the past four years mobile devices have gone from 2% to 30% of worldwide website traffic. Over half of our requests at Etsy come from a mobile device. Users expect our products to work not just on desktop web, but on multiple mobile and tablet platforms. Instead of developing a single website, Etsy develops for six platforms: a desktop website, a mobile website, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets as well as email. Users expect our products to work not just on desktop web, but on multiple mobile and tablet platforms. How can we as an industry deal with this proliferation of platforms?

Part of the answer is cultural. It was common to think of mobile only after completing the desktop version of a product. Changing that mindset, while also training developers on areas of mobile development with which they might not be familiar, is a huge challenge. This talk takes up this challenge and discusses how Etsy introduced “API First Development” to our engineering team.

The other answer is technical. This talk also presents our multi-platform system architecture and examines some performance (e.g., time to first byte, page load time) and organizational benefits (e.g., time to market, feature parity) we’ve observed after implementing it.

Finally the talk will look at the successes, failures and lessons learned from this effort at Etsy.